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Cutting-edge technology through creative designs.


Gantrail are world specialists in providing design and support solutions for the provision of the crane rail interface for projects of all types worldwide.

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Oleo leads the world in hydraulic buffer energy absorption in many critical applications, often as the last line of protection for people and equipment. Every day millions of people around the world rely on Oleo to provide their safety.



Counterweight Arresting Systems

grid Counterweight Arresting Systems are engineered to save money and reduce down time by preventing damage to the counterweight, structures and equipment below by arresting the falling mass through a predictable stroke in the event of belt failure.  



Overwind Protection System

Protect the headgear, conveyance and people with an engineered technogrid Overwind Protection System in the event of a conveyance overwind by safely decelerating the conveyance with known reaction forces through a predictable stroke.

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Cellular Buffers

Cellular Buffers are damping units that absorb impact energy to prevent damage to moving equipment. With a wide variety of cellular buffers available, they can be used in many different applications such as overhead cranes, convey or counterweight trollies, transfer cars and the like.



Station Stopping Devices

technopost is an engineered station stopper device that absorbs the kinetic energy of a runaway Loco or hopper, bringing the moving rolling stock to rest in a controlled and predictable manor. The impact post is designed to fold flush between the rails to allow traffic flow, while the position control can be interlocked into the mines existing interlocking systems.


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