About Us




Technogrid (Pty) Ltd has been in business since 1995. Gawie Mahne, the original founder, and Hamilton Stephenson developed technogrid® Strain Energy Absorbing units into viable industrial products through the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

Since 2016, Technogrid (Pty) Ltd has expanded into a global company that designs, manufactures and supplies technogrid products and various other energy absorbing and rail fixing systems for Mining, Harbours and heavy Industrial Process Sites.


Our Vision

The vision for Technogrid (Pty) Ltd is to be an ambassador of integrity, good business practices and cutting-edge technology through creative designs.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Technogrid (Pty) Ltd, is to offer professional technical engineered solutions through valued relationships with our customers, suppliers and staff members.



Our Objectives

  • To design and supply engineered products that save lives.

  • To always consider the impact of our designs upon all who manufacture and use our products.

  • To offer our customers service and product solutions that leaves them wanting to do business with us again.

  • To operate ethically and legally within the boundaries of the law at every level.

  • To empower staff to be the best they can be and to work in a secure, happy and creative environment.

  • To practise business principles that model our values and positively impact people and the environment.

We are proud to be the designers and manufacturers of the technogrid® Strain Energy Absorber units and have grown the applications to include:

  • Conveyor belt Counterweights Arresting technogrid®

  • Shaft Overwind technogrid® Arrestor Systems

  • Shaft Underwind technogrid® Arrestor Systems

  • Mine Station technopost® Station Stopper Devices

  • Jack Catcher technogrid®

  • General Single impact energy absorption solutions

We also offer Engineered Solutions for multi-impact energy absorption applications using hydraulic and cellular buffers for:

  • Crane buffers

  • Ship Loaders and Unloaders

  • Jack Catcher buffers

  • Warehouse buffers

  • Lift Buffers

  • Slow speed Underwind buffers

We supply design solutions for the Gantrail adjustable Rail Fixing System that includes:

  • Overhead Cranes

  • Ship to Shore Crane Rail Systems

  • Stacker Reclaimer Rail Fixing

  • Shuttle Car Rail Fixing

We have over 25 continuous years of experience in the field of energy absorption solutions and rail fixing systems. We offer Professional Mechanical Engineer certification of projects, where such services are required.